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I edited a video in the project area, then clicked finalize and now when I try to upload to blogger or youtube it says an error has occured.

wht did I do wrong?

Is there somethingelse  I need to do to the clip to get it ready to share?


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    Finalizing a movie is not a step that you "must do". It is a convenience that renders the movie in all available sizes all at once, so when you go to save it to YouTube or iTunes later, it happens much quicker. If you don't need all sizes, you can just go to the Share menu and Share in the size you need.


    When you Share to Youtube, you can get errors in two ways.

    1) There was a problem with rendering. This should not happen if you finalized and waited until it finished (could be an hour or more)

    2) There is a problem connecting to YouTube. This is usually caused by using the wrong User ID and Password for YouTube. A couple of years ago, YouTube changed the way you log in. You now usually have to use your GMail email address and password to log in to YouTube.


    To see if your movie finalized correctly, try SHARE/TO iTUNES in a size you like. Then see if you see your movie in iTunes and can play it. If so, you know it rendered (finalized) OK. And it is more likely that #2 above is your issue.  However, if you get an error message when sharing to iTunes, it may indicate a different problem.


    There is a more fiddly way to determine if you previous "Finalize" completed correctly. Do this only if you are comfortable navigating through a Mac's file system, because you run a risk of harming your Project if you don't do it right...

    You can go to your Project in the Finder. Go to Movies/iMovie Projects/<your project name>. Right-click on the Project Name. Select Show Package Contents. Go to the Movies folder within the package. There you should see your finalized movies. Pick one and tap the space bar. It should start playing. That tells you that the Finalization worked correctly. 

    If you tried the Share to iTunes suggesstion above, it would have found this copy in the Project Package and copied it to iTunes, so it should have been very quick to get to iTunes.


    You could copy one of these movies in the size you want and paste it on your desktop. Then try to upload through the YouTube website.

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    Thanks, it loaded fine and quickly on to itunes.

    Now I need somemore help.

    I am completely new to the Mac world so go slow please.

    I found my channel on YouTube and it says I can drag and drop my video.

    how do I do that.

    How do I save it to the desk top?

    my imovie screen is full screen, and I can't seem to make it smaller to drag anything to the desk top.

    Also, where exactly would I click to drag the video to youtube or the desk top.

    sorry for all the questions , I just don't know where else to find the answers.

    Everything seems simple once I know what to do!

    Files- how /where is this video saved? there is no save on the file menu.

    I see it in finder, as a folder? so I don;t know what to select to get it to blogger.

    Wow. maybe that is too much at once.

    thanks in advance,


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    The Desktop is your main screen on the Mac. I only suggested that you save the movie to there because it is easy to find. You may actually want to share it to some other folder so things don't get cluttered.


    You can SHARE/EXPORT MOVIE and choose your Desktop as the place to save it. Give it a name if you want, or if you don't it will have the name of the Project. This will give you a file on your desktop that you can drag to the import screen of YouTube.


    Another way, since you already have the movie in iTunes...

    Right-click on the movie in iTunes, and select SHOW IN FINDER (or Reveal in Finder). This will show you the iTunes file in the Finder and you can drag it into the YouTube uploader.


    I don't have blogger so I am not sure about that one.

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    Thanks so much.

    Mac Saints be praise, I think I figured it out.