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I am trying to use Cloud to sync my MacBook Pro and an iMac Calendars.  When I added the MacBook Pro to the sync sequence, the system went on for over an hour.  I finally did a "force quit" on the request.  I tried it again and got the same result.  When I did look at the calendar system I found multiple calendars with the same name and many, many duplicate entries.  I have looked at the 'Library' to try and identify the calendar files, but there seem to be a bunch!  My question is what file(s) do I need to restore from my Time Machine backup to put the system back to a clean state (several days ago)?  Better yet what can be done clean out all the duplicates?

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
  • Eric Root Level 9 (50,122 points)

    One possible explanation for the duplicates is if you had calendars and events on the MacBook Pro and then synced to iCloud, the IMac calendars were added to the ones already on the MacBook Pro.


    Log onto iCloud.com and see if you have multiple calendars there.


    Quit Calendar. Try going to System Preferences/iCloud and unchecking the box to sync calendars. Then open Calendar and see if you still have duplicates. If not, and you still want to sync, then you may be better off deleting the calendars on the MacBook Pro and just allow the iCloud calendars to be your only source of calendars.


    Once you have stopped the sync, check iCloud.com to see if you have duplicates.

  • Robert Chapman Level 1 (65 points)

    I stopped al sycing and still have lots of duplicates.  My next question is, can I go to the Library and find the calendar files and trash the duplicates? Is each calendar a separate file?  Should I have over 30 xxx.calendar files? 

    What exactly should I have in the Library for the calendar system?


    Thanks for any ideas.


    Bob Chapman

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    I think this will allow you to get back to where you were.


    Restore Calendar Events


    Before you do the restore from Time Machine portion, you might try turning on iCloud sync again to see what you get. I do not have any "On My Mac" calendars anymore because they were causing duplicates when I synced with iCloud.

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    Go to www.icloud.com and check what calendars you actually have on iCloud, while you are there check for duplicates, you will do this on the website, not on any client software or your iPhone etc.

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    I went to iCloud, the website, and counter 81 calendars!  There are only about a dozen actuals names (Birthdays, Misc).  Somehow I have created a complete mess! 

    If I try to turn off the syn in either achine, I get a message that says if Iturn off the Sync, I wikklose all the info on my machine.  Is that correct?  Can I not delete calendars from the iCloud website?  Somehow!

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    Slow down, turn off iCloud (the data will remain on the website) make all of your corrections (deletion etc) on the website, not on the clients. When completed turn iCloud back on.


    Backup your Mac before going any further