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DJMT1287 Level 1 Level 1

What do I do about the files that say "iTunes Library Extras.itdb" or "iTunes Library Genius.itdb" or iTunes Library.xml? My original iTunes folder has these files but the new folder does not.

  • Chris CA Level 9 Level 9

    What new folder? Is there some reason you created a new one rather than moving the old one?


    Tunr on Genius and add a file with iTunes extras and those files should be created.

  • DJMT1287 Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, there is a reason ... because the thread I wrote this question under states that you find the location you want to move your iTunes library to, then you highlight it and click "New Folder," which you then rename. Then you go into iTunes, organize and consolodate your library and it moves your library from the old location to the new location.


    Once I did that, based on the instructions of this thread, the old folder still had the .itdb and .xml files whereas the new folder did not.


    Are those files ones that are created once iTunes recognizes/updates your library in it's new location?