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I have been using the GarageBand app for iPad for a very long time and I've created several songs over the years using it. Recently, I've run into a major issue using the application. While I was creating a song, GarageBand crashed and shut down (sending me back to my Home Screen). When I tried to reopen the application, GarageBand tries to recover the last song that I was working on. But it froze at the loading screen and it never lets me access the song (or any of the older tracks within my library of created songs). So I exited the app and manually forced it to shut down, and then I tried to reopen it again, and the same issue occurs.


This is the second time that I've lost a track due to this problem, but last time when I manually shut down GarageBand it didn't try to recover the track and instead froze at the loading screen whenever I selected the song for editing from my list of created tracks. I've tried everything to fix this issue accept deleting and reinstalling GarageBand on my iPad all-together. But I'm afraid that if I remove the app that it will also delete all the songs that I haven't backed up or saved to iCloud yet...


I really don't won't to lose any of my music... Any help regarding my issue would be much appreciated!

iPad 2, iOS 6.0.1