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Hi! I would like to use my iPad mini at work, for various business uses. However, we do not have Wi-Fi at work. Is there a way that I can connect to the Internet at work using my iPad mini?

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    You can get a device like a mifi, a portable wifi hotspot that connects to the cellular network. Make your own hotspot and connect to the net, kinda like you would on your phone if you had a smart phone. Or you can look into whether or not your phone can support tethering and you turn your phone into the hot spot.

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    Hi skydiver, thanks for your help. I'm very new to this, so bear with me. When you refer to the cellular network, that is my Wi-Fi network?  I know that my iPad Mini, which was a gift, comes with a small key that has something to do with the Wi-Fi capabilities. Does this have anything to do with what you're saying?

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    This small key unlocks a small chip that says AT&T on it.

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    If your mini is a wifi and cellular version, then what you need to do is activate the cellular contract. So if you have an iPad with AT&T, then go into your local AT&T store and see what options they have for you. Places like Walmart, radio shack and best buy may also have options for you.

    I don't have a cellular iPad, maybe someone here that does can give you some better advice.

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    Thanks for your advice!  Do you think I would still be able to use a mifi device?  I see some online that are quite reasonable.

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    you could. Really it's not much different than using the chip hardwired in your iPad.

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    That small chip you mention is a nano-SIM card which indicates your iPad can operate on a cellular network.


    As was recommended, go to an AT&T Store or call them and see what data plans might be available to you.


    You don't need a mifi device which would only require a cellular plan of its own.



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    Awesome, thanks for the help!

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    You don't need to waste time going to an AT&T store, you can activate cellular data and choose an available plan right from Settings on your AT&T cellular iPad. There are only a few plans to choose from. It's not rocket science.