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I have scoured the web searching for an answer to this question with no luck.  My phone (iphone 5 if that makes a difference) syncs 2205 songs for Genius Data EVERYTIME I decide to sync it.  It is a complete waste of time as I don't use it and never have.


What I have tried:

* I tried to delete the genius playlists.  I deleted all but one of them.  For some reason, it doesn't allow me to delete them all which is stupid.

* I have gone to Store > View My Apple ID > Settings > Genius Recommendations > Off  ... does nothing

* I have turned off itunes match so that I can turn off genius.  Whenever I turn itunes match back on... the genius stuff eventually comes back.

* I have done these things and signed out and then signed back in... and I've done this process a bunch of times.  This actually works for a bit and then it comes back after a couple syncs.

* I have gone on my phone and accessed my Apple ID and turned off 'Genius Data for Apps'.


So is there a solution?  Or do I just need to deal with it?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1