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I have scoured the web searching for an answer to this question with no luck.  My phone (iphone 5 if that makes a difference) syncs 2205 songs for Genius Data EVERYTIME I decide to sync it.  It is a complete waste of time as I don't use it and never have.


What I have tried:

* I tried to delete the genius playlists.  I deleted all but one of them.  For some reason, it doesn't allow me to delete them all which is stupid.

* I have gone to Store > View My Apple ID > Settings > Genius Recommendations > Off  ... does nothing

* I have turned off itunes match so that I can turn off genius.  Whenever I turn itunes match back on... the genius stuff eventually comes back.

* I have done these things and signed out and then signed back in... and I've done this process a bunch of times.  This actually works for a bit and then it comes back after a couple syncs.

* I have gone on my phone and accessed my Apple ID and turned off 'Genius Data for Apps'.


So is there a solution?  Or do I just need to deal with it?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1
  • gail from maine Level 7 Level 7

    Hi organix,


    Have you gone to the Store option at the top of the iTunes screen and selected "Turn Genius Off"? I didn't see that specific action in your list...





  • organix Level 1 Level 1

    Yea, I should have covered that more clearly on my third point.  While itunes match is on, turning off genius is disabled.  So I have turned off itunes match so I can turn off genius.  I guess when I turn match back on, genius turns back on even though I don't select to turn it back on.  Thanks though, I do appreciate the reply.

  • Dawn Messerly Level 1 Level 1

    FWIW, I just got off the phone with Apple technical support about this.  I use Genuis for creating playlists, so I don't want to disable it, but Apple support confirmed that there is no way to avoid syncing Genius data without disabling Genius altogether.  I'd read somewhere else that subscribing to iTunes Match might allow you to avoid this, but that is NOT the case, as I've confirmed, and Apple support has confirmed.  For me, it routinely syncs thousands genius of items, so I have to allow a lot of time for my manual syncs.