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I have a Mac OS 9.1 and when I open it, it asks" This Macintosh is protected by Sesame .Please identify yourself ".but I dont know the password. What can I do?

Mac OS 9.1.x
  • dalstott Level 4 (2,625 points)

    If it is a firewire enabled Mac then you could use firewire target disk mode and get the data transfered to another drive. Then erase and reinstall Mac OS 9.1 before transfering the original data back.



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    Its an old computer and I dont have with what to reinstall because I didnt install this one and dont know how to do all that.

    Thank you .

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    Can you boot the machine successfully with Extensions Off? To try that, restart or noot, immediately press the Shift key and keep it held down until the desktop has fully loaded.


    If that wirks, then go into the System Folder and look for a control panel and/or extension(s) related to Sesame. If you find any, drag such out onto the desktop. Then try a normal restart.


    If that doesn't work (if Sesame still interrupts), then try booting the machine to any valid CD you may have - an OS 9 Install CD is best, but one for TechTool or DiskWarrior would also work. Once booted to the CD go into the System Folder on the hard drive and look for items (control panel or extensions) related to Sesame, dragging any such found out to the desktop. Then try a normal restart.

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    The first suggestion was great ,because I could enter the PC and make another user and on this one it didnt ask for a password.

    Thank you very much !!!