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I'm facing severe problems with installing my Logic Studio 8 on my brand new Mac Mini.

These are the steps I went through:


1. CDs / Error message


When I try to install Logic Studio from the CDs, I get an error message: "You can't open the application LogicStudio.mpkg because PowerPC applications are no longer supported"


As I understood, this problem has to do with the incompatibility of Logic Studio 8 with Mac OS X...


2. Pacifist


According to the recommendations from https://discussions.apple.com/message/18330868#18330868 I installed it through Pacifist. Unfortunately, during the installation I got two types of error messages (each, several times, with slightly different content):


The file “/private/var/folders/t2/wcxms40x3tqf2zf4l9ymbbhr0000gn/T/Pacifist Temp/886/DDF0B3FE-CF9B-42C4-A0BD-0A4EF0D4DF5D Contents/3DE9E652-67ED-4B04-B188-44681BC81B4A Contents/35C459A8-15D0-4F80-BA9A-C669A7913D40 Contents/19DEDB50-3AE8-4F5F-9A2D-7039624823AD Contents/B0D8FCEF-49F3-4BE7-88F7-2382D42E396F Contents/4D8024CD-C4F3-44F0-A49F-7113ACF291A2 Contents/Instrument Library/Plug-In Settings/Piano/Glacier Pad.pst” does not exist.


The file “Horns” could not be moved, because the folder “Software” cannot be modified.


So, Logic Studio is installed, but it's corrupted. Basically, its sound library is missing...


3. Opening a music project


I tried to open a project (made with Logic Studio 8 on an iMac) and I got an error message: Logic Pro: Plug-in “Hybrid Mor” not available! Even so, the project did open, but, as I previously mentioned, Logic had a compromised and incomplete sound library and it did not function properly.


So, my question is:


How can I install Logic Studio 8 on my Mac Mini / Mac OS X 10.7.3 in order to work properly?


Thank you!

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    I have just re-installed Logic Studio on a clean OSX 10.8.2 installation using Pacifist. I too had one or two errors, but not to the extent that you appear to have. Once Logic Pro was updated to v8.0.2, the ONLY error I have come across was that I had to re-index the Apple Loops.


    I suggest tthat you repeat the process.




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    Thank you, but I won't repeat it. It took about 4-5 hours and I had to replace the installation CDs (let's say) 1,000 times during it. I don't want to repeat that experience...