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I had forgotten my passcode long back and I did fresh refresh to enable my iPhone. Now I can see "profile setting" between Accessibility & Reset Optings in "Settings>General" and Profile name given is "informate". Its showing it "Verified" and received on 30-Jun-2012 and expires on 26-Jun-2013. What does it mean? Does this profile drain battery. Cause after that my battery drainange is fast. Does removing that profile cause any damage? Please do reply if anyone have any idea/knowledge about it.

Now-a-days i m facing battery drainage problem, phone gets too hot and also in stand-by 2% batterly power loss in first hours, then it increases. If any application is used, its too fast. Can"t even use the phone for 1 whole day.

Thanks in advance.

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1
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    Profiles can be installed by setting up a corporate Exchange Account on your phone. Did you setup such an account last June? If so, that's why its there, and if you no longer use that Exchange account, yes you can delete it.

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    What do u actually mean by corporate exchange account? Is it the email accounts that we configure to sync our email messages? If so I have 5 mail accounts and I use it. But I knowingly didn't installed any profile accounts & I noticed it when I started noticing battery drainage and it started after I update to iOS 6.0.1 after I got my iPhone 4 factory unlocked last December 11, 2012. Till then it was ok. I can't use my phone entire 1 day & I hardly takes any call now a days as I will in out of battery charge my evening may be I think 8 to 10 hrs maximum. Also it's getting too hot. Any suggestions to get rid of? Can updating to iOS 6.1 will rectify this. I read that battery backup is improved in iOS 6.1.