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I do have three AppleIDs, one based on mobile.me, one on icloud, one on my personal email.

1.) Can I combine them? ---> I guess the answer is no

2.) My iPad 4 I can not find on either of those three. How do I find out what AppleID it is bound to.


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iPad 2, iOS 5.1
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    You cannot combine Apple IDs. Go to settings iCloud that will display the Apple ID associated to your device. Grapple ideas also used in the App Store face time and imessages.

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    This does not help. The setting in iCloud shows an ID that - when I log into the support zone, does not display this device as mine. When I try to add it manually, it says - this device is associated to another ID.

    So question still open - how do I find it ID that the iPad is bound to?

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    Go to Settings->iTunes & App Stores->Apple ID


    That's the Apple ID used for the store, and most likely the one associated with the device.


    Also Settings->iCloud->Account


    That's the Apple ID associated to iCloud, and most likely the one the Device will show up under in iCloud.com