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I am trying to back up my fiels from old iPhone 3S to the new one I have just bought using iCloud and when I am doing it, my new iphone 5 is writing thet iCloud back-up are compatible with the version of iOS  (6.0.2) on this iPhone. What does it mean?

iPhone 5
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    What software did you have on your old phone.

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    I just worked on this same issue for someone else at work (iPhone 4 or 4S up to date). The iPhone 5 needs to be up to date to the newest version of IOS


    Here is what I did:


    1. Got into the iPhone 5 without using an account

    2. After getting in, it shows that there is an update

    3. Completed the update

    4. After the phone rebooted,  went in and completed a reset of the phone to factory

    5. When it came back up followed prompts and was able to restore from iCloud backup.


    Hope this helps