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I recently changed from pop to imap on my btinternet address. Now what happens if my imac is on along with my ipad and blackberry, email messages go to the ipad and blackberry but not my mac, to the extent i have missed or been late in responding to business emails, would it be better for me to switch back to pop and would i have to delete imap and make the changes on the 3 devices or can someone point out that i have the settings incorrect on mac mail and it is staying on a server and not relaying to my imac desktop. Thanks in advance of your help.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    can someone point out that i have the settings incorrect on mac mail

      What are the settings? 


    What is your email application?


    You could try pop on your iMac and iMap on the other devices.  Set pop to leave email on the server. See what happens.


    Are you saying that you got no email on the iMac? 


    Did you test?  Get an internet email account gmail yahoo etc and try sending you orginal account email and see what hapens.

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    The Settings are Yahoo IMAP


    incoming mail server imap.mail.yahoo.com

    User name - David

    Password - xxxxxxx

    Outgoing mail server - btinternet.com

    In Advanced

    Port 993 check box Use SSL

    Authentication: Password

    There is nothing in the IMAP Path Prefix box


    So when I changed from POP to IMAP on BTYahoo(Btinternet) account. Email is coming throught to my, Ipad (as Imap) to my BlackBerry however if i'm on my imac with mail open email will got to the BTYahoo(Btinternet) account to my ipad and Blackberry inbox but it will not show up in mac mail.


    I have created a gmail address and the same thing happens, I do not see it as an email issue as I am sent email from other external sources and different email accounts, again if I'm on my imac with BlackBerry and Ipad enabled the mail will not come into my IMAP inbox on mac mail. I have tried and deleted the BTYahoo email account and tried to reinstate as a pop accoutn but if I use the Yahoo set up in mail,contacts & calendars it defaults back to an Imap account and if I choose other and manually set up again it does give me the option to go down the pop route. All I need is to be able to view the BTYahoo (Btinternet) account on my imac when it is on and I'm working, because ptresently I'm having to check either my Blackberry or Ipad to see if i have received any incoming email. As an example your response came to me via my Blackberry and Ipad, which I then had to forward on to my gmail address to continue with this discussion, crazy or what......

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    Sorry should have said "if I choose other and manually set up again it does NOT give me the option to go down the pop route."

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    BTYahoo (Btinternet)


    Is this a Yahoo account?  I'm confused.   is it like bt isp which uses Yahoo as the email app?




    I recently had trouble with my imap Yahoo account.


    I believe you need a Yahoo plus account to use pop or imap.   You did say you had pop working.

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    Sorry if this is confusing you are correct It is a Yahoo account and bt use it as the email app.


    I'm my case Imap works OK but only on my ipad and blackberry devices.


    If I'm on my iMac and mail is open any email sent to my Yahoo account goes into the inbox of my ipad and blackberry, but does not show up in the inbox of my iMac mac mail.


    I'm sending you this message now via my ipad as my iMac did not pick up your response via email into my mac mail inbox. It also appeared on my blackberry.


    If I had not checked my ipad or blackberry and solely depended on my iMac I would not have seen your response?


    Is the making any sense now?

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    It is a Yahoo account and bt use it as the email app.

    I have differnent settings.  The settings should be the same as you see on your iPad.


    let's say the email address is robertxyxxyx@yahoo.com


    account name is robertxyxxyx@yahoo.com


    server type: imap mail server


    server name imap.next.mail.yahoo.com


    user name  robertxyxxyx


    port 993


    outgoing server  name smtp.mail.yahoo.com


    port 465

    user name robertxyxxyx

                      normal password

    conection security ssl/tls

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    First, look right to 'More Like This' Yahoo has lots of issues and there are lots of posts to read from people in the same place.


    More generally Yahoo is a dreadful system, find a way to move your e-mail elsewhere.


    As for servers and settings there are multiple conflicting and confusing settings, call Yahoo twice and you'll 2 different sets.


    All I can advise if tou are staying with Yahoo is, be patient.

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    I checked this out this morning and the settings are correct, so I deleted my Yahoo account on my ipad, blackberry and imac and reinstaled them, but still the same issue, can see the email in my inbox on ipad and blackberry but not on imac. Thanks for trying.....

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    Thanks Csound1 I looked at "more like this" i did not realise the issues with BT Yahoo, the ironic thing is that firstly i have had no issues until i switched to IMAP and secondly, my son has a Yahoo account that I set up as IMAP when i changed mine over from pop to IMAP, when I was resetting the accounts this morning I did his and it would allow me to switch his back to pop and now works perfectly (well has for the last 1.5 hours) Thanks for your help it is so frustrating, moving to a new email account looks like the answer?

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    I am not familiar with bt.  it seems that bt is your isp which uses yahoo for email.

    https://login.yahoo.com/config/login_verify2?.intl=uk&.partner=bt-1&.done=http%3 a//bt.yahoo.com/%3f


    How are you accessing your email?


      in a web browser, OS X mail?  I use thunderbird.


    You have an ips which is bt.

    You have an email provider with is bt/yahoo.


    What is your program on the mac which you hope to access your email with?


    Yahoo recently enabled imap mail for desktop comptuers.  ( not sure when, but in the last year.  )  People have been running into hassles since then.  It took me two weeks to sort out my lack of login. I had to set up a second yahoo account & a google account  ( kid you not!!! ) to gain access to my main yahoo account.






    I think you should try to contact bt/yahoo.


    It's not easy to get in contact with yahoo.  You need to be logged in to yahoo to send the "email".  If you are not logged in, you do not get the change to send the "email".




    Go here: http://io.help.yahoo.com/contact/index?l…



    Yahoo! Account

    Password and Sign In

    Unable to Sign In


    Enter "unable to sign in" in the box available.


    Now you'll see a yellow button "Password Helper", click it. If that doesn't work, use the link "Contact Customer Care" below the yellow button which allows you to email the accounts team to ask for help.




    If you do not mind changing your email server, you could try google.  mail.google.com


    I have verizion.net as my isp.  I have email accounts on google, verizon, and yahoo.

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    If you switch ,make it to Gmail, Yahoo has had these issues for sometime, Gmail is not perfect but as free services go it is fairly reliable.

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    This site lists the btinternet imap settings.  They are different from what you list.

    http://www.certforums.com/forums/internet-connectivity-communications/47048-btin ternet-imap-settings.html


    You may want to login to by account from a web browser and verify that imap is enabled.  I know imap works for moble devices, but at one time yahoo allowed mobile devices to use imap when it didn't for desktop computers, so look around.




    Have you tried to use email from within a web browser?    semi-usable.