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I've created a website with iweb '08 on a macbook, 10.6.8.  I've clicked on "web sharing" in system preferences.  My ipad can access the website on the macbook, but my windows xp desktop can't open it but doesn't say "server not found"  it opens a page about APACHE.  Is the problem on the macbook or on the desktop?  And how can the problem be solved? General Information: (a) All computers are in the same wireless home network.  (b) The pc has never been able to reach shared documents on the macbook, but the macbook can access shared documents on the pc.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Your post was almost a year ago but whatever.  It sounds to me like your pc is going to the library/webserver/documents folder to pick up your site.  But your site is most likely in your sites folder under your profile.  The addresses are different: or whatever ending digit yours is and, respectively.  Yeah, there are two different website folders. You'll see the Apache index.html in the docs folder.  Hey, at least you know "it works!"; now just replace the index doc and put your resources in there and you're hosting (port forward your router and it's on the internet for sure with your external IP as the address, otherwise it's just local).  Also, you must not have file sharing between mac and windows (windows file sharing or smb protocol or something like that) enabled on the macbook; hence, no shared docs folder.