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Hello.  I am in the process of setting up a server and was wondering how to disallow viewing of a user's folder contents by anyone other than the owner.  When setting up the home folder directory, I have successfully changed permission for others in the workgroup to read only, however I do not want anyone other than the owner of a folder to see the contents.  When I attempt to uncheck the afp/smb sharing options it automatically unchecks the "Make available for home directories" option - which is needed, as this is where the individual home folders reside.


As a quick synopsis, users are added to a group with no shared home folder, individual home folders are placed in a folder called Home Folder, and access to each individual folder (username as name of individual's home folder) should not be allowed on any level (read, write, read-write) by anyone other than the owner who signs in with his/her username and password.


I'm still pretty new to Lion Server (and OS X in general), so I apologize if this isn't very eloquent.  I will gladly try to artciulate my question better if needed.


Thanks in advance for any help!

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