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We recently upgraded one of our Xserve 2,1 systems from 10.5 to 10.7. Apparently OS X Server is no longer an operating system but an App Store application. I'm not pleased, but that's the way it is. Using the forums I was able to figure out that I had to phone Apple to purchase this, since OS X Lion Server is no longer available through the App Store. I did that, got the code and downloaded the application.


The installation process was not smooth. Two instances of Server started up. The second instance was blocked insisting that the first be killed, and the first instance would not proceed because another was running. Eventually I was able to kill the processes and reboot the system. Then I started up the Server application and installed seemingly without problem. I rebooted again after the installation and the Lights Out Monitor is once again working well, and Server Monitor on my laptop sees the Xserve correctly.


However, now when I go to the App Store application, and go to the Purchases tab, it correctly shows Xcode as being purchased and installed, but under "Other Purchases" it shows OS X Lion Server and states "An error has occurred". Beside this is a dark grey button, same size as the "INSTALLED" button for Xcode, which is clickable but results in no observable action.


My attempts to reach Apple technical support have not been successful. Perhaps someone here in the forum can provide some guidance.

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    I ended up phoning Xserve support, which is distinctly different from "regular" support. They tried very hard but were unable to understand the cause of the error or find a way to fix it. However we did manage to get rid of the "Other Purchases" section so that it shows up in the normal "Purchases" area. It still has "An error has occurred", but there is some hope that if Apple releases an update to OS X Lion Server (which I think is unlikely), then I'll at least see the notification.