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My left arrow does not work on my macbook pro(model A1226).


I have reset nvram, performed a safe boot, pulled the cache to desktop, replaced .globalpreference.plist, & tested all other keys with "keyboard viewer" (all other keys work except for the arrow). 


In addition, I have gone thru all the recommended checks with universal access and have booted from snow leopard dvd and the left arrow still does not work. 


I have tried using the left arrow key in all of applications I use such as: excel, ms word, address book, calendar, iphoto, terminal, & highlighting an icon and using the arrows to move to another selected icon.


Here is the kicker!  In addition, I purchased a logitech solar bluetooth keyboard and the arrows work fine with my ipad but do not work when paired with the macbook pro. All other keys work fine on the macbook pro using the bluetooth keyboard.

I believe this says that the problem is not in my macbook pro keyboard. So where can it be?


Can anyone think of any other rabbit holes I can search?


thanks and regards



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5), using lion -not snow leop