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The battery on my Pro is now draining pretty fast. When you replace a Pro battery, do the new ones really work well enough to give you a full 7-hour charge? Before I cough up $128 I would like a few opinions.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)
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    First, check if your battery is working properly. Open System Information app, select Power on the sidebar and copy "Charge Information" and "Health Information" here. If you find "Service Battery" or a similar message under "Health Information", take the Mac to an Apple Store because the battery is damaged

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    This is a little unclear for me. Is this under system preferences? Copy? I don't understand.

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    "System Information" is a separate application. To open it, choose the Launchpad icon at the bottom of the display (at the right of the Finder icon), select "Other" and then, open "System Information".


    After opening the application, you will see the System Information window on the display. At the left of the app, you will see a sidebar with some options, so choose "Power". Then, you will see your battery information on the main part of the window, so look for "Charge Information" and "Health Information" and select all the info inside them. Finally, go to Edit menu (on the menu bar) > Copy, and then, paste it here

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    I.e., once you copy & paste, a message may come up that says to service the battery?


    I did recently calibrate it to no avail Any other thoughts?

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    It may show “Service Battery”, but it may show that your battery is normal. Also, copying that data here, we can know how many times you have charged your computer and the actual capacity of your battery

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    mende1, are you online?

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    Here you go....

    Charge Information:

      Charge Remaining (mAh):          3479

      Fully Charged:          No

      Charging:          No

      Full Charge Capacity (mAh):          4337

      Health Information:

      Cycle Count:          181

      Condition:          Normal

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    Take the Mac to an Apple Store to get the battery replaced. Although the battery status shows as Normal, I can see that the battery capacity has decreased dramatically since you bought your MacBook, and you only did 181 cycles, so it may because of a defective battery. Note that Apple says that Unibody Macs batteries are designed to have 80% of its capacity after 1000 chArges, and you have less than 80% after only 181 cycles