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I just bought a new unlocked iPhone 4. I want to use it with tmobile. I got a microsim card from tmobile. Placed it in the phone and turned it on, which tmobile said would work. It did not work. It says no service. Thanks for any tips.

  • Rojmer Level 4 (1,485 points)

    Are you sure your iPhone is unlocked?  Where did you buy the iPhone?


    From what you are saying it seems that your iPhone does not recognize the tmobile sim and it being locked to another carrier is a possibility.

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    Yes, thank you for your reply. It seems like that make be the case. The phone was my first ever ebay purchase. Should have just bought the unrestricted phone directly from apple. The thing is I was trying to save money and just have the 4 as a hold over until tmobile finally gets an iPhone or I am out of contract. I have spoken with tmobile and apple support and it seems the unlock process was never completed on the phone. I am now having to call tmobile. This phone is NOT as described and I have no idea why. It was supposed to be a brand new unlocked iphone 4 and even on ebay...it was still $355.00. How wouldna brand new iphone unlocked iphone be locked to AT&T. I guess I will know more if I can get an answer from AT&T. What a mess. Thank you!

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    To save time, I suggest that you return the phone to the seller.


    More than likely AT&T will not unlock the phone for you because, you've never used their service.  So in order to get it unlock the Seller would have to call AT&T to unlock it, then to finish the unlocking process the seller would have to restore the phone in itunes.


    Get the money back and buy an iphone from an authorized apple dealer. 

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    This is the risk you run when you by from the grey market.


    ONLY AT&T can unlock you iphone.


    Very sorry, but the seller has misled you.


    You should get your money back and buy a legit unlocked iphone from Apple

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    If it is eligible to be unlocked, you would have to work with the carrier it's locked to, AT&T. Unfortunately they will only unlock it for the original owner. Another possibility is that the phone was hacked to unlock it, which of course, will never fully work.


    That's just one of the dangers of buying on eBay and why I caution against it. Best to buy from Apple or an Apple authorized shop. One thing eBay has going for it, though, is its buyer protection plan. You should be able to get your money back.

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    Thanks everyone. What a mess. You know something told me this was a bad idea.... I have never purchased an apple product from anywhere but an apple store. Ever! Until now. AT&T advised me to call the police. Man oh man!

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    From the description this seller gave, I thought she was reselling a legitimately unrestricted brand new iPhone 4. Not one that was ever linked to a carrier for any reason. I never want a cell phone again. Just me, my home phone, and my land line.

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    Well and my iPad!