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I am currently using 3 AX's for airtune music. One of AX's happens to be in a very bad signal reception area (i am not sure why). After some research on the net. Using powereline could be a solution to this.


I am thinking the following :

Hook up the AX to the powerline adapter (wired)

and using this one to cover wifi devices in the area (extending wifi signal)

also need to hook up one of the speakers to airtune music


what exactly the setup process to do this? Should i reset the AX and start from scratch? Which option should I choose to do what I want to do for this AX?


Much appreciaed for any advice.

iMac (27-inch, Late 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    As you said using "powerline adapters" may be a solution. The problem is that some work, some don't, and there is no way to predict how it will work in any particular installation. Your first order of business is therefore to purchase adapters from a vendor with a reliable return policy.


    Once installed, configure the Express to "connect using Ethernet" since you will be using its Ethernet port to connect to your router.


    The following explains in greater detail.


    Wi-Fi base stations: Extending the range of your wireless network by adding additional Wi-Fi base stations


    Note Apple recommends the following in the above

    If you have configured your Wi-Fi base stations in the past, it may be helpful to do a factory default reset of each Wi-Fi base station that will be part of the wireless extended network before you begin.

    To answer your question, it is not strictly necessary, but it may be easier to start that way.

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    Understand I shoudl expect unexpected as this powerline adapter might vary in terms of performance installation by installation literally.


    thanks for your answer greatly!!


    one more question if you dont mind... would you recommend any other ways to strengthen wifi signals? Would I need to upgrade airport extreme,which is my main wifi router hooked up to the cable modem? mine is 4th generation but I heard 5th generation has stonger wifi signal and better coverage... would this help address my issues?


    thanks again.

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    There have been significant improvements in power output from the fourth generation to the current version, the most dramatic of which are evident in the 5 GHz wide channel mode. My personal but completely unscientific test, which consists of walking outside holding a MacBook while counting steps until I cannot connect any more, appear to support that claim.


    This means you should enjoy in better signal coverage in your particular installation but there are so many factors that affect this it is impossible to say for certain.

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    Got it. Thanks for the answers. Cheers.