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Never had a problem with iTunes Match. Had it 10 months now. Tried uploading some new CDs I got and it keeps doing one of a few things. Sometimes error 4002, sometimes error 4001 come up. Any other time, it just takes forever trying to upload and it says "error" in the icloud status. I have all my CDs on match so I deleted an album that was previously matched and then I re copied the cd to itunes. It then matched the cd again and was fine. So I deleted an album that was previously uploaded and its doing the same as my new CDs, it just says error when trying to upload. I've looked at lots of threads but can't find anything that works. I'm using a pc. I've tried holding down the alt key and the Ctrl key while turning match off and on, I've deleted all my music and itunes and reinstalled itunes. All my music comes back from the cloud except for the ones it won't upload.


It's really starting to frustrate me especially as I was going to go upgrade to a windows phone but decided to stick with apple. Now this is happening I'm beginning to wish I changed to a windows phone.


Anyone got any ideas? Any help much appreciated.

Itunes match, iOS 6.1