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Apple effectively removed java preferences.app when they forced... er uh, strongly encouraged everyone to upgrade to Oracle Java 1.7  After receiving beaucoup complaints, Apple posted KB article HTS559, giving instructions for reverting to Apple Java 6 from version 7.  Reason for the complaints: some java-based web apps still do not support Java 7. 


Java 7 installs a new Java Control Panel as a pane in the System Preferences. Unfortunately, the new Control Panel cannot be used to control Apple's Java 6.  And the instructions Apple gave for reverting do not include how to restore the Java Control Panel in order to give back capabilities like clearing the Java cache.


Anyone have any ideas other than pulling it off a Time Machine backup or from a different Mac that hasn't been upgraded yet?  Surely someone out there has a copy of the app they wouldn't mind making available?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)