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I copied my entire itunes folder from my old computer to my new computer and itunes says that some of my songs cannot be located.  I copied the files exactly using dropbox from one music directory to the new music directory.  I have repeated this several times.


First I used the cloud and that *** because it doesn't copy all your songs.


Then I turned on Google Music and downloaded everything but had duplicates in my new itunes; so, I tried a different approach.


Last, I deleted my itunes folder on my new computer and copied my itunes folder from my old computer after consolidating the media files (as suggested in the help).  Now, I am missing songs or iTunes can't find song locations.


Really???  Does it have to be so complicated?  I'm not a mac person and never will be because of exactly this problem.  How can it be so difficult to copy a folder?  Seriously, I am a chemicaly engineer and have worked automating nuclear power plants and I am having diffiuculty copying iTunes.


I guess if all else fails, this is a really good time to make the switch completely to Google Music.  Google Music backs up all my songs automatically and even automatically populated my new iTunes for me.  The only problem with it was that it created duplicates because of the cloud and home sharing.  I really don't like Apple.


Super frustrated,


Windows 7, Windows 8 is my new Samsung laptop
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    For the songs that cannot be located in iTunes, right click on them and select "Get Info".  Where does iTunes think they are?  Are they actually in that location?


    I suspect that they were not in the original iTunes media folder location despite the attempt to consolidate the library.