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Every time I connect my iPhone (iOS 6.1) to my Mac (version 10.6.8) with USB cable through i Tunes,  I end up getting double entries on one or both devices.  The last time I tried this the January calendar on the iPhone was completely wiped out and the time before that the January calendar on my computer was completely wiped out in addition to double entries on the survivng January calendar.  A colleague of mine was telling me he has had the same problem and became so disgusted he has given up trying to sync.  Right now I am keeping both calendars up to date by hand.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1
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    If you are syncing your calendar with both iCloud and iTunes, that will cause duplicates.

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    iCloud is turned off for iCal and I can't use iCloud with my Mac because I'm not using a new enough version

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    I believe to fix this you'll first need to reset the SyncServices folder on your Mac, as discussed here: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1627.  Then clean up the duplicate enteries in iCal, and make sure it contains all your events so you can replace the calendar on your phone with your iCal calendar.  Next, without connecting your phone to your computer, open iTunes and disable automatic syncing by going to File>Devices and checking "Prevent...from syncing automatically".  Now connect your phone to your computer, click on the name of your phone, go to the Info tab of your iTunes sync settings and confirm that you have selected to Sync Calendars with iCal.  Then further down under Advanced...Replace information on this iPhone, check Calendars.  Then click Apply at the bottom to sync your phone.  This will replace the calendar on your phone with the clean version in iCal.


    Then, prior to syncing again, back up your iCal calendar by opening iCal and going to File>Export>Calendar Archive.  Try syncing again and see if it finally stops creating duplicates.

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    Thanks very much.  This seems to have solved the problem.  I tried it several times and iCal seems to have copied correctly.

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    You're welcome.

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    I am completely disgusted w/ Apple at this point!!!  I've had my iPhone 5 for about a year now and I've NEVER been able to sync it w/ my pc (yes.......I've tried ALL the suggested fixes for my version of Windows, before anyone else starts regurgitating all the crap I've read thru a dozen times to no avail).  Basically.....if you want to really address your problem by 'reinstalling' itunes; you'd better have your schedule for the ENTIRE NIGHT clear because you'll be waiting for itunes to download for a good 5 hours.  (occasionally you'll read some knuckle head's feedback, who is probably an Apple employee, saying that it "only takes 5 minutes".  I'd highly suggest not even paying attention to these morons!!


    Yes I realize that I haven't contributed anything productive to this thread.....yes I realize it will irritate some people.....however they'll need to deal with it because at this point, I'm simply using this thread to 'vent' my frusteration w/ Apple.  Horrible update!!  Horrible support!!  Horrible suggested fixes and even worse acknowledgment of your customer base's problems w/ your product!!!  I'm seriously contemplating selling my iphone and going android again.  Samsung's looking pretty good right about now!!