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why is apple not allowing users to download iOS updates by using cellular data ? it's really annoying as I have the most famous "Wifi grayed out" issue. so everytime i have to use itunes to download small updates. and the next problem is itunes always downloading the complete software near to 1GB. what's the need of downloading the total 1GB software for 20-50mb minor update ??


and the next thing;


is this 6.1.1 update helping to solve our wifi grayed out issue ? ( i have this issue since after iOS 6)




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    any idea ???

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    I would recommend downloading 6.1.1 full via iTunes, and then not restore the phone from backups until before you check to see if your WiFi has re-enabled itself after the restoration. If your WiFi works, and you then perform a restore from backup and it fails, you know it's your backup thats corrupting the phone then. I find often if you went from 5.1 to 6.x and then restored your backup from a 5.x dataset, it will often cause problems.


    If it's determined the backup is causing the issue, you'll need to re-load everything onto your 4S from scratch and start new, and then make a fresh backup afterwards.