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    Bee, I hope so, too.I'll let you know what gives.


    k5yf, I've checked Console, and a recurring line marked Error goes like this ....


    16/02/2013 21:25:09.000 kernel: SMC::smcReadKeyAction ERROR TC0F kSMCBadArgumentError(0x89) fKeyHashTable=0x0x8836800


    Does that tell us anything?

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    I stopped even opening Console unless something bad happens.  They are all notations in there, and very difficult to read.  Just be patient.  If there is a KP, that report will tell us what's wrong.

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    OK, Bee, got it. Fingers still crossed but typing prtey well nonetheless ...

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    OK, panic at bay, I hope.


    But I'm still getting these apparently random graphic squares and patterns within windows and odd chunks of windows coming adrift.


    Not all the time, by any means, but just now and again.


    So I'm now assuming the SMC Fan Control makes no difference.


    Is there anything else to be done - or is it time to think of a new machine? This iMac is six or so years old, after all, which I know is completely ancient in computer years, and I do use it pretty hard every day.


    Do I give in?

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    nigmia --


    Your question isn't addressed to me, but I do have some thoughts for you.


    The random graphics issues sounds like a graphics card going bad.  There's nothing you can do to improve that. It needs to be fixed by Apple, IMHO.


    If, for some really weird reason, it's the result of bad software, your likely culprits remain:          4.1.0

    com.logmein.driver.LogMeInSoundDriver          1.0.0

    com.rogueamoeba.HermesAudio          4.1.0

    com.AmbrosiaSW.AudioSupport          4.1.2

    jp.plentycom.driver.SteerMouse          4.1.4



    You keep stating that you have no rogueamoeba apps on there, but you most certainly do. They show up on your report twice. 

    If it were my Mac, I would dump all of the above.  Find out of they can be just trashed, or if they need to be uninstalled. 

    That info can be found on their websites.


    Kernel Panics are very serious.  They can permanently damage your Hard Drive.


    As to your question as to whether your Mac is still viable  -- I have the same year's iMac.  It a work horse!  I would love a new one, but I can't justify it. It just keeps "going, and going and going . . ."  It's on the latest OS, as well. 


    I think your machine is very much still viable, but I would take it in and have them check out the graphics card and the logic board.


    But only after you've really deleted all the crap software on there, and at least you are positive they are not causing your problems.


    Hang in . . .

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    Thanks again, Bee, that's all interesting.


    I did eventually find some Rogue A files, which I deleted. I also got rid of Logmein, unistalled the audiosupport bit of Ambrosia's Wiretap Studio, and dumped Steermouse (and put in Microsfot's Intellipoint instead to control my MS mouse).


    Now, a little later, i'm getting odd noises from the iMac's hard drive. Not the dreaded ticking, but an almost whistling, squeaking noise every so often. Not particularly related to any activity. Not good, anyway, I suppose. I fear my machine is dying, despite what you say about its warhorse qualities.


    Do you think the drive noise is related? I know that's hard to say, but I note what you say about kernel panics being able to damage drives.


    Are Apple likely to look at a six-or-so-year-old machine?


    Sorry, all these questions, but I'm very worried now.

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    Yes, noises from the HD are very worrying.  I would take it in, at this point.

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    Awesome support Bee!

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    Hello Bee. I promise to go to the doctor's. Seriously ... good advice, and thanks so much for helping me out.

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    Do you want me to write you a note?



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