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The above info is all well and good. However, what can you tell us about how to reverse (uninstall) a software update that is causing problems with other applications? Specifically, yesterday I ran a manual Software Update from the Finder. After it was installed, I could no longer run Netflix from Safari.


I now get a message saying that I have to install Microsoft Silverlight (which I had previously installed and which had worked okay with Netflix for a long time). After doing the download and going through all the screens to install it, I get the message that the installation can't be completed, because there is already a newer version installed. [How could that even be possible, since it's a new download?]


As you no doubt know, there is a LOT of info on the Internet about this problem. I followed all the posted advice and completely removed every remnant of Silverlight that I could find; I even opened EVERY file folder to see if the "normal" search process possibly missed anything that looked remotely like any of the many files that were listed on the Internet. Apparently that process worked for some people, but that was before these latest updates. NOTHING has worked for me, so I can't install Silverlight again, and it is required for Netflix. Changing browsers was also no help.


At this point, I think the only solution is to uninstall the updates (and maybe experiment with reinstalling them one at a time). Unfortunately, I don't yet know how to do this...or if it is even possible (Some Internet advice says it is not possible, unless you have a "go-back" app installed, and I do not). Any other suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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