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I do not understand the following statements under "Additional Information" under the following URL http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4236:


"Pictures that have been synced from your computer to your device cannot be reimported back to your computer Only pictures in the Camera Roll or Saved Photos can be imported from your device to your computer. If you need to retrieve synced photos from your device, email them directly from the device to yourself and then copy them from the emails to your computer.." 


Since the photos are "synched", aren't they pictures ALREADY ON the computer?  Could you not just copy them from the folder on the PC on which they reside to anywhere else on you PC that you desire instead of emailing them to your computer?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1
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    The photo sync is one-way: Computer to phone. If you sync photos to your phone, then delete them on your computer, there is no supported way to extract these photos from your phone & then add them back to your computer. Further, photos synced to your phone are reduced in resolution for display on your phone. There is no way to recover the photos full resolution, should you delete the photos on your computer.


    Bottom line: Don't use your phone as a storage device.