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I'm trying to organizing and consolidate my iTunes library with the aim of moving it to an external hard drive. As a first step I used File>Library>Organize Library... When I looked at my iTunes files afterwards everything seems in a mess. For example I have 3 Podcast folders:


1) users/xxxx/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Podcasts

2) users/xxxx/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Podcasts

3) users/xxxx/Music/iTunes/Podcasts


Locations 1 and 3 have some files in common and some unique files. Location 2 contains files not in locations 1 or 3. What shows up in iTunes when I open it are the files at location 3 so some items from location 1 and all items form location 2 are not showing.


I am currently using iTunes 11.0.1 but my iTunes library was first set up in 2004.


Some advice please on how to tidy this mess up. Will consolidating the library to a new location help? Thanks!