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I have an iPad 2 and connect to my iTunes account via my home laptop (opperating system Windows 7).


I have Sky TV and am connected to the internet via a Sky On Demand Box.


My son unexpectedely bought me an Apple TV as a gift and I intendn  conenct this to one of the TVs in a bedroom mainly to access TV apps on my iPad (including Sky Sports).


I have set up Home Sharing from my laptop okay and it is working on the bedroom TV and I am albe to access Music and the 2 TV Progammes downloaded on my iPad.


I am not a subscriber to iTune Matchdo I have to be?


I do not have a Netflix account and do not wish to open one as I am already a full subcriber to Sky Movies.


I assume in otder to view content from my iPad I need to undertake a Home Sharing exercise on iTunes on my iPad but cannot find how to do this. Can anyone help?

Apple TV, Using Windows 7 Laptop and iPad 2