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    How do you turn off the exchange sync?


    My iPhone just switched off when I was going to take a video there! Battery life was 37%. Tried to turn on but it said the battery was empty! 5 minutes after i retried to turn on and it worked!

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    iOS 6.1.2 solved all my battery issues. If you haven't downloaded the update, do so before trying all the things people have said to do. My phone is cool and still fully charged. Yesterday at this time, it would have been around 60%. The update works!

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    Please consider the application you've installed on it, i think apple only update ios, without consider about third partied application, so they have to make an updating for the new ios. ii' ve got similar problem when i update my 4s to 6.1.1, but my problem is at sound, sometime the sound missing and cannot turn up the sound button. Then i try to delete some application that i think can be the trouble, now my iphone is running well without any problem. So i think it can be happened at batery drain problem.

    My batery iphone looks good with ios 6.1.1, as i know ios 6.1.1 is fix update for 4s. Cmmiw

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    I am also experiencing the same issue. The only thing I have found that even remotely helps is shutting off location access for nearly every app (passbook was one of the major culprits). Even this, however, didn't help much.

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    Remote location dont stop battery drain. It just don't use the battery u know. Also now, after 6.1.2 updatind, i nave 1 hr 57 min using and 3 hr 22 min standby with 72% battery (using 3g to chatting and misic playing in lastfm scrobbler for ios). I think, apple dont know about our problem (or they dont want to solve this, or they will fix it in next minor update (oh lol)). So, i can try to jailbrake my phone and watch cpu or net activity to find cause of the problem, but i will not do it in principle. If i want to make things like that мy choice would be andoid.

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    I did their so called update yesterday ..still didn't work. Then I had an appointment today with an guy at Apple Store, he said after resettiing my iphone it shoild be better but my iphone 4s' batterry still dies quickly..dropped from 100% to 91% in 5 mins without no use!!!

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    The day I updated to 6.1.1 on my iPhone 4S, my battery dropped to 20% within two hours, then the phone shut off.  With little to no usage, the phone's battery would die within 3 hours.  After completing a restore, turning off most location services and calendar syncing, the battery now lasts 5 hours.


    Fast forward to today, I downloaded 6.1.2 hoping that the battery draining issue would be resolved.  It is not.  Battery life with minimal phone usage is still 5 hours at best.


    Apple - please fix this or let us reinstall 6.1.  I'm ready to jump ship to an Android device.

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    Ludlow - absolutely same story here.




    I'm not holding my breath for 6.1.3 :-(

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    As i said at you current rate you are approaching over 38 hrs standby and  over 5 hrs of use before you battery is gone. So yes I think thats pretty decent battery life for any smart phone. But you can do the math and see where you stand as far as Apples specs.  Here are the posted specs:


    • Talk time: Up to 8 hours on 3G
    • Standby time: Up to 225 hours
    • Internet use: Up to 8 hours on 3G, up to 8 hours on LTE, up to 10 hours on Wi-Fi
    • Video playback: Up to 10 hours
    • Audio playback: Up to 40 hours


    So take your standby hrs/225=%used  Any usage/type spec=%used. then 100% - (stdby use + other use) = what you should be seeing remaining. That should be close to the meter.


    What I have seen (wondering if others have seen this) id my talk time does not appear in the usage times. Thats a whole other issue but if your device behaves the same way you need to look at your total talk time separately and divide that by 8. Then use the usage  reported as a separate item.


    So IF you were to continue as your current times indcate here is the example:


    38/225=.17  5/8= .63  100%-(17%+63%)=79% used so you should see 20% remaining in this example. I used 8 for the usage assuming it was either 3G talk or 3G wifi. Anywayyou would have to put your numbers in to see but that should tell you is you are close to what Apple says you should get. Their numbers are "up to" so that is the max. you wont necessarily get the max. So run your numbers and see where you stand.

  • sbailey4 Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    No if the device is warm then there is some communication going on or something running out of control. I would look at email accounts or network settings. If using email with exchange ActiveSync (even gmail) remove the account  reboot andadd it back. Or you can settings>reset> reset network settings to stop any roque communication going on if the email didnt solve it  Warm device says something is running so you need to see what that would be. Another symptom is usage and standby times are the same.

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  • sbailey4 Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    ok but thats not the same information you reported earlier. You had totally different screenshot that I was responding to.


    2 hr 38 use

    19hr 2 m stdby

    56% remaining


    Again it depends on the type of usage. If those 6 hrs  above were talk time and 1/2 day standby with 13% remaining maybe its not bad. I sent you info to figure out where you stand based on usage type. Go through that excercise plugging in the numbers for your partcular use and see where you stand. If you are within Apples posted spec (or close) then well you are ok.

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    I removed my email account ( from the phone and readded it this afternoon.  After three hours of use, I'm only down to 80% battery.  *Knock on wood*, my battery appears to be almost back to normal.  For those of you with quickly draining batteries, I'd recommend trying the same.

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    Hi All,


    iPhone 4S version 6.1.2.  Somewhere during the latest round of updates my phone would go dead in 9 Hours of idel time.  My phone is left in my car during the day, can't carry it at work, blank screen and no activity during the day and it is completely dead 9 hours later, it use to have 75% left after work.


    I figured it was just time for battery replcement, so put in a new battery yesterday and it is just as bad.  Charged to 100% then unplugged it when I went to bed, 8 hours later, completely drained.


    Just the normaly mail stuff, Yahoo, GMail Apple Mail, no wierd apps doing stuff , screen lock, blank screen and on silent etc.





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    My iPhone 4s battery life is sucking also.  Used to be able to charge every other day or so - now it needs to be charged about every 7hours. 

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