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  • ratputin Level 1 Level 1

    I received a call from Apple after posting in the forums. They are watching and collecting data/info. My experience with 6.1.1 was abysmal. Battery tanked in a few hours while on standby. Tried all the suggestions to no avail. Luckily, the "reset" trick worked for me. iOS 6.1.2 has been smooth sailing.


    For those that installed iOS 6.1.2 and are still experiencing the battery drain...maybe the "reset" trick will work for you?




  • Tuglaw Level 1 Level 1

    I did the 6.1.1 update. Experienced the battery drain issue for the first time.  Then did 6.1.2 update.  Same problem. I read on here one fix was to reset an issue with my office server Outlook account and to do this fix one needed to delete the Outlook email account on the iPhone (which would also remove Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks), then add the Outlook email account back.  I did this several days ago and my phone is behaving again. The accelerated battery drain and hot phone maladies are cured, for now, and hopefully forever.  Of course, the maladies began immediately after the 6.1.1 required update.  There was no auto self-fix.  I'm glad I read this forum and another owner guided me through.  I'm not pleased Apple put me, and my law partner, through all this.  Seems kinda amateurish to just let all these customers twist in the wind.  

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    Yep...same problem here....been having the battery drain issue after the 6.1.2 update. I own a relatively new Iphone 4s.


    I know from the get go that to extend battery life one needs to be conservative on many features....on my iphone the only things i use are skype (international calling) and the iphone and the gmail app to check emails. Thats my phone worked fine with average battery life of 1 day with these web browsing /games/chatting etc...since i dont like doing that.....offcourse push notifications turned off from the 1st day i started using the phone. NOW....after the 6.1.2 update, my phone is down to 1% in battery charge after about 30 mins!...Its not a usage problem....its definitely the software upate...and i am 99% sure it is!


    I have read numerous forums focusing on this issue and people seem to suggest turning off features as a solution. While this may help short term workarounds for the problem its in NO WAY a solution to the problem....its like asking a car driver to remove his car seat, stereo, headlights and other features etc to workaround his car battery problem! is still moving..but at what cost????..especially after spending good money for it!


    I am not exactly complaining although it does make life difficult with a non-functioning phone...i am a computer engineer so i know that no tech product, in the commercial industry at least is failsafe, matter how hyped the marketing at the very least i hope a real solution is in the works...i'll try to be patient....for now i am switching to skype on my macbook pro as a workaround while i figure out a way to see if there is a solution to the iphone 4s in the horizon!


    Furthermore, i see a lot of anger and resentment torwards the flaw in the iphone due to the update...i would like to respectfully address those people who are quick to blame the company or its understand that developing software and hardware to meet the demands of an ever growing market is extremely difficult...i am sure the engineers/management at Apple put all their efforts into making quality products...its no easy feat to do so...and thats why you, me and other people on this forum bought their products....they make quality may not be perfect but its definitely the best engineering can lets give them (engineers/management at Apple) a chance to do their work....and i do hope that Apple engineers can release an update to address this.


    *By the way, i have reset my phone 3 times now....on the third time...its simply not turning on...leaving it hooked to the wall and laptop to fully recharge overnight but now it does not turn on except for the charging icon!

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    While it is somewhat laudable for you to express understanding at the difficulties of putting out bug free software, it is entirely inexcusable to spend time going to the so-called genius bar and be made to feel like it is my fault I am having battery issues with my 4S.  At no time did the tech tell me that there have been battery problems that have occurred with the new software update.  His reticence on the issue speaks either to deception or incompetence.  Neither of which is acceptable.  Instead, I was made to feel like any problems I may be having were my fault.

  • adomeg Level 1 Level 1

    What made Apple a great company was their ability to make products that everyday folks could use without having to read a zilion manuals and become tech geeks.  In other words, they made products that worked. 


    I have tried all of the suggestions on this board.  Nothing has helped.  I then took a step back, to wonder how I got to this place.  What did I do wrong, I asked myself?  Did I drop my phone?  No.  Did I use it in any way that it wasn't intended?  No.  Did I get a virus?  No.  My only crime is downloading a software update that Apple recommended I download.  And now my once workable phone is a piece of crap.


    Hey Apple, at the very least, how about at least acknowledging that there is a problem?  You're actions (or inactions) are going to drive a whole bunch of dissatified customers straight to Samsung/Google.

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    Well dont reset it again. If it has not fixed it the first 3 times probably wont the next 3. Sounds like you got it hosed up with the multiple resets and such. When you say reset do you mean you restored it from iTunes? Have you tried that? The iOS itself is most likely not at fault here. More likely there is an upgrade gone bad and corrupted the installation.  If you have not done a restore using iTunes do so. If that does not work look up DFU restore and perform that process. That will reload the firmware factory fresh so to speak. Then see if the device comes on and works as expected BEFORE you restore any backup. If possible try the phone a day with just the basics. If it works I would recommend syncing with iTunes to get apps and other stuff back not restoring any backup as that may put the issue right back. However if you feel you must yor can restore the last backup and see how it goes. If problem returns then you know and can restore again and not dump the backup back on the next time.

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    Yep, 6.1.2. really ***** the life out of my battery.  I don't recall the issue with 6.1.1.


    As it is the phone barely retains charge overnight even though WiFi, and all cellular data is switched off. (It was below 10% this morning). 


    Anyway I've done a Reset All Settings and we'll see if that helps.  What I found odd was that the Bluetooth was switched on after the reset.  I only use Bluetooth sparingly because of the way it destroys battery life, so was that standard for a reset (seems odd) or was Bluetooth always on in the background (even when it showed as off)?  The battery drain is certainly reminiscent of Bluetooth being on permanently. 


    Whatever it is, Apple really need to fess up to there being a problem with 6.1 and FIX IT.  I'm a diehard Apple fan, but even I'm getting hacked off. 


    Hellooooo Apple? Is anyone listening??

  • Clive Lux Level 1 Level 1

    Hmmmmm, the forum doesn't like me saying that the iPhone s u c k s the life out of my battery.  Ah the joys of political correctness..

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    Hi All,


    Had same problem as everyone else here with the phone dying after few hours of stand by.  The fix, wipe it out and reload a fresh copy of the OS.  I did that and charged to hundred percent, unplugged it while I was asleep and woke to 99% charge remaining. 


    Going to reload the Apps in groups and test as I go in case one of the apps was to blame.




    iPhone 4S latest OS before and after rebuild.

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    Reset All Settings seems to have reduced the battery drain for now (famous last words).  I haven't tried Bluetooth yet, but the phone is nice and cool again. 

  • Clive Lux Level 1 Level 1

    I spoke too soon.  Switching 3G and cellular data on (and doing mothing) has drained it to under 10% in less than 2 hours. 


    Back to the drawing board.


    Hey, Apple - where's the fix for your fix?

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    I also had the same issues with really bad battery drain after updating to 6.1.2. My usage was also showing the same as my standby time without using the phone. I read a post on here and it solved my issues no need to restore or reset I simply went to settings, mail contacts & calendars, I have three active email accounts I went into each account and switched everything off rebooted my device went back into my email accounts and switched everything back on rebooted again and my battery went back to normal and my usage only increased when it was in use. It has been fine for the last week now. I hope this helps.

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    Have just started to experience battery problems with my 4S. All ok with 6.1.1 but since installing 6.1.2 down to 25% in five hours without any real use and the phone is constanly warm. Sorry for those awating 6.1.2 roll on 6.1.3!!

  • Clive Lux Level 1 Level 1

    I seemed to have solved my battery issue.  A restore made zero difference, but deleting an Exchange email account seems to have done the trick.  I recreated it immediately and all seems to be working fine - battery is still 71% after 7 hours on standby with 3G etc activated.


    I have other accounts with gmail and yahoo which I didn't touch. 

  • Amry747 Level 1 Level 1

    Are you guys having heating up with the battery drain?