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  • Lisaabb Level 1 Level 1

    I have had both updates now, am now on 6.1.3 and still having the same battery issues! I have now resorted to switching all wifi, data, Siri and FaceTime off. What's the point of having a iPhone if I can't  use it when I need it? I have to switch everything on and off when i need it! Rubbish customer services too! They don't want to know if your phone is out warranty!

  • Screenless Level 1 Level 1

    I've found my way here after updating to 6.1.3 a couple of days ago.  The raidly draining battery has caused me two inconveniences in two days due to missed calls.


    Why is this release still being pushed out to people if it's got bugs in ?   Wouldn't it be better for people to stay with earlier versions ?


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  • Lola5 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having the same battery drain issue and have tried everything suggested here.  Called Applecare and had a helpful rep who said they were very aware of the issue, that it was indeed caused by the 6.1.1 update, and that Apple is scrambling to fix it. After verifying that even a comlete "restore as new phone" didn't work, she said Apple would send me a new phone. But wait - they were only making this offer to people who had bought their phone within the last year and 90 days and I was 17 days too late! My only option, she said, is to go to the Apple Store (45 miles away) and buy a new battery for $79. So... they know what the problem is, they know they caused the problem, but my "fix" is for me to spend $79 to fix it? Clearly, Apple, this is not the right answer.

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   has batteries and directions how to fix it a lot cheaper than $79.  The also have the little screw drivers and plastic pry tool.


    Your batteriy is probably fine though. I had the same problem and wiped the phone out using iTunes and applied 6.1.2 OS (not upgrade, fresh install ) and now it works fine. Yes, that was a pain starting over, but it only took couple hours getting all the apps back on using iTunes.  I did put the apps back on in stages in case one of the apps was the issue in the first place, but most everything is back on and no issues.


    Latest OS is 6.1.3, I have not applied that update.




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    Thanks, but I'm not sure how to do a "fresh install." I already tried a restore/set up as new rather than restoring from my backup and that did not work.  Is a fresh install different? If so, how do you do it? (Sorry, but I've never had any trouble with my iPhones beofre, so this is al new...)

  • Lola5 Level 1 Level 1

    I have done all you have suggested for my 4S battery drain problem, including a complete restore as new to no avail. Any other thoughts?

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    I just recently got an iphone 4 for my wife and myself, and we mainly use it for texting while she is at work. I've noticed that just texting during day drains the battery quickly. We have turned off bluetooth and locations and did alot of the stuff suggested in this thread to conserve power but it still seems to be sucking the battery dry rapidly. If we talk on the phones, or even worse try to use our 3g network for the 1 or 2 apps we use it takes a % of the battery for nearly each minute we use it. These are brand new phones we just got on 3/22/2013. We havent let the batteries drain down completely on either of them, is that something we should try? Is it ok for us to leave them pugged into our PC's to not drain the battery while we are using them at home/work and only unplugg them when we are actually out away from the computers?

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    When you connect iPhone to iTunes you should see "Update" and "Restore iPhone," using the Restore iPhone will wipe it and restore it like it was when it came out of the box.



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    Folks should definitely try "restore as new," but it doesn't always work.  I've done that and still have the battery drain issue. Battery has been tested at the Genius Bar and is fine. Still waiting for the Apple fix...

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    We should not have to restore our phones to make them work properly when it was an Apple update that caused the issues!  The anger pointed at Apple of course.  I have had minor issues with my Iphones and frankly I tell everyone I like my phone, but the battery thing is ridiculous.  Don't they do testing with their products.  It has been three.... count them 3 fixpacks released and my battery is still dying.  I am losing a percent a minute (give or take) I was on a 2 hour call and wham I went from 86% to 16%.  Before all of this nonsense I was able to go all day make atleast 4+ hours of calls have apps open all day before I would even think of having to charge!  I might have to go for a Microsoft Phone or Samsung if they don't fix this soon. They will be sorry my contract is up soon and I will move!  I am also not apposed to never buying another one!

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    Its 3:21pm and my iphone 4s battery is fully drained.  The last thing it said me was, rosebud, acutally, no, it said 10% battery remaining.  What did I do on my phone, that was fully charged at 8am this morning, mmm, lets see, made one phone call that went to voicemail, 3 text, a few emails and 1 instagram post.  AT&T vs. Apple, which frustrates me more.

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    I have a 4S and almost as though it recently obtained a virus, shhh, don't tell Apple that I used that word, over the past two weeks, it has slowly lost its ability to charge in various places. At first, I was able to charge it on a fun Belkin car charger/dock that my husband gave me. Now the 4S will have none of it. I could also use a cord that I otherwise plugged into my IPad dock but nope, no more. Now, the last bastion of charge that I can get is from my Iphone doc or the cord that is attached to it. Afraid that I will one day awake with no phone, no battery and no way to back up my phone, I feel my only resort is to donate more money to Apple for their broken product. What is worse? I have to go to the dreaded AT& T store when everyone wants to touch me (shake my hand) and become my BFF. I just want my phone fixed. Sorry for the rant. Just frustrated. Thank You.

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    Seriously? This is the "answer"? Apple has sent out what, four iOS updates since 1/1/2013, and the solution is to restore from backup/ system restore after everyone.  Am I the only one who feels that that is asking a bit much from a user? And what of those casual, but intensive uses (you know the ones who use it as a phone), they are expected to restore/reset after every OS upgrade?


    This seems like a less than entirely winning business plan to me.


    Good thing Steve is dead.

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    Yeah, this has crossed the line.  Users shouldn't have to restore their phones to try to combat an issue created by Apple themselves.  People have been complaining about this issue since last September with the iPhone 5 and it still hasn't been resolved.  It's definitely the new 6.1.3 IOS software that's draining the batteries.  Why they haven't already put out a new update for it is beyond me.

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    Like many posters on here, I have tried different updates, been for Genius appointments where they have attempted to help.

    I have turned off alerts, wifi, bluetooth you name it. I am begining to wonder (like others on this thread) what on earth the point is in having a phone with so many features when they all need to be turned off to allow the battery to last a single day.

    Yesterday for me was good with my phone coming off of charge at 9am and turning off at 6pm with a totally flat battery. No alerts, no push enabled. I made one 13 minute call dall day and that was it.


    This in my opininon is not good. My blackberry would easily last 2 days.


    Does anyone know if there is a UK address I can send a letter of complaint to?

    I forked out a great deal of money for this handset and I am so disapointed with its usability based on the terrible battery.