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If a user no longer needs their device to be supervised but has personal information on it, how do you remove the Configuration and leave their data alone?  We have customer's, students, that graduate from school and no longer need their device to be Supervised.  We want to make sure they are able to save their personal information on the devices but remove the supervision.

Apple Configurator, iOS 6.1
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    Here is a more detailed description of what I am trying to find out:


    A parent of a high school freshman gets an iPhone for their child under this program and during staging, the admin uses the Apple Configurator to manage CIPA compliance. The student uses the phone for the full four years of high school, downloading apps, loading music and videos through import and/or iTunes purchases, taking pictures, etc. you know, normal everyday use.


    For four years, hey have been using iTunes and/or iCloud at home to manage their content and that synchronization has been automatically creating backups.


    Now it's graduation and time to remove this student from the schools account. Apple Configurator is used at the school to remove the CIPA compliance.

    1. I need to confirm that using Apple Configurator at school either does or does not wipe the iPhone, returning it to factory settings.
    2. If the contents are wiped, can the student take the newly refreshed iPhone back home, connect it to iTunes/iCloud and restore their content from the previous backup?