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I'm trying to make a MP4 with Closed Captioning SCC file to be used for online viewing.  I've tried making the mp4 and attaching the SCC file in compressor and it does not attach the SCC file.  When I chose MP4 and then go to inspector and change the format to h.264 it will attach the SCC file.  The problem with that is the file size is to large to load for our platform we use.


In my timeline, I can export QT conversion and choose mp4 as my file format and then choose h.264 as my video format.  This works well with  the education platform our teachers use,  but it does not give me the option to attach a SCC close captioning file.


SO,  Where can I make an mp4 with a h.264 video format and attach a SCC closed captioning file in FCP, Compressor, QT or ??? without downloading a 3rd party software.  Is there a work flow I'm not getting?


Thanks for your time

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