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My car only supports the Headset profile. I would like my iPhone 4S to be able to send Music, Podcasts etc. to the car's headset profile so that I can hear those thru Car's speakers. Is there any APP or a technique that allows me to do this ?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1
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    I should clarify that I understand the headphones with A2DP profile will support music. What I am trying to find is a way to send music/podcast to the headset profile rather than the A2DP profile. I understand this is feasible if a "non-apple-approved" APP is installed but I would like to avoid going that path.


    Can anyone explain why Apple cannot allow a user choice of what type of device to use for their music or Podcast ? Mono output is perfectly fine for Podcasts and news and even for some music !!


    It seems this is also possible on Android using an add-on APP. Apple needs to become more accomodating !!

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    No. There is not magic that will allow you to listen to audio via bluetooth if the system does not support A2DP.  If you have an auxiliary port, use a cable.

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    I am sorry but such a "magic" is already possible using non-apple approved methods. I am just trying to understand why apple can claim to make "magical" products but cannot allow such "magic" !!

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    An app that could do that would seriously compromise the security and stability of the phone. In order to pass audio via bluetooth to a device that does not support the A2DP profile, the app would have to 'take over' the phone function in order to get control of bluetooth audio that way. That's not a good idea and Apple doesn't allow it.


    Can you do it on android devices? Probably... but then again, you can do lots of things with android you can't do with iOS... like get malware and viruses, for example.

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    "Seriously compromise the security and stability of the phone" ? Are you serious ? Directing audio to headset profile is just like having an active phone call. If a call comes in during this, it would need to be treated like call waiting. If a call needs to be initiated, the audio would need to be stopped before the call can be placed.


    Greanted that there is some additional work in dealing with this call flow, but I am sure apple engineers are smart enough to figure out a way to do it right.


    I really feel the reason is more to do with marketing and generating additional revenue. It is not really a technical limitation at all.

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    In order to do that, the app would have to have access to functions of the phone that are sandboxed.


    It's impossible to write an app that will do what you want that will pass Apple's requirements. It would never make it to the app store.

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    Not true.


    Google Search does this. When you try to search using voice, voice is redirected as a call.

    As well as Voice Memos, which are redirected as a call using A2DP in Bluetooth.


    But..., is there any music application that supports this?