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I own this Mackbook pro since 2011. Using Snow Leopard as OSx.


I get the Gray Screen of Death in the past and i (finally) solved by reinstalling the OSx from the DVD that came with my Mac.

Now, I get the same odious screen again and I tried to troubleshoot the Gray Screen of Detah by numerous workaround without sucess.


But this time I can't reinstall the Snow Leopard from my DVD.


So I start (again) my MBP by pressing CTRL+R and the iApple Icon was replaced momentally by a Earth icon (moving) while ask me for Network configuration.

Then the running bar complete after 10 minutes and I see the LION INSTALLER INSTALLER!!


BUT ... I dont use Lion Before, even I can't bought them previously. (Isn't offered in the Apple Store)


Then, I cant start from my Snow Leopard DVD I should install LION???


I dont have licence.


BUT I NEED TO START MY MacBook Pro Soon!!!


NOTE: I'm not afraid to move to LION because I already use it in my (other)iMac. My only concern is if this a valid way to get LION or use it to solve my actual problem.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Mac OS X (10.7)