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how to know password of a iphone backup in itunes...........i updated to the 6.0.1 by seeing red symbol of a notification regularly,but it is backuped and it had error during updating,then i tried a lot finally the update has completed.it automatically recovers the data some only the pics videos of 100's have been lost,there is no memorycard  to recover the pics,due to memory sake some much only uploaded to icloud,remaining i backuped in the pc.no photorecovery also not there for iphone.due to protection of itunes,but i have a last chance itunes has shown ur last backup in pc 1/8/2013 immediately i clicked restore,first i transferred datato pc i clicked sync,then it is synced after i opened restore i shocked  the backup date was overwritten it shows last updated as present time,i missed last chance also then i tried to open backupin the pc in itunes that is ticked in the encripted data so i tried to change it it asks the password,i didnot given any password but it asks i tried apple id password with first letter capslock,then after all small letters but no use it shows wrong password then after 0000,12345,00000,000000,123456,1234 have tried,after i kepten iphone password 4letters i typed that also so no use....i have searched for any solution for 2days i have suffered mental torture so i decided to change my  iphone to android.the google is more user compatible,iphone is very risky phone we cant keep atleast ringtone corerectly, duent& no  memory card facility todays due to clarity resolutions the memory is not sufficient for users the 16gb memory is warest so dont purchase iphone 16gb,the mac is providing over security & no freedom of all phone feautures when this will proceed it will loss all iphone users........the bluetooth also cant work properly cannot connect with many devices......

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1