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When I use Microsoft Office 2011, none of the special characters (such as Greek letters) show up. Instead, I see rectangular boxes. When the Word document loads, it almost looks like a macro runs.  I rebooted the computer in Secure Boot and the problem was corrected.  I then tried dissabling startup items and booting normally.  The problem returned.  Next, I looked at what non Apple kernels were loaded durring the normal boot proceedure. I dissabled most of them, but the problem continues.  I do not think reinstalling MS Office will help because the problem is abscent when I do a secure boot.  It is like something that loads durring normal booting is casuing a conflict.  Any suggestiions would be helpful?


Another note ... This problem pertains to Microsoft Office.  The fonts in Adobe CS6 show up correctly. I am running the latest edition of Mountain Lion.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)