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dear itunes developers, pleeeeease, pleeeeeease, pleeeeeease give us back the feature of opening multiple windows in itunes. this is essential for me to manage my terabytes of songs in playlists (i'm a dj). if i can't get this back, i'm screwed!!! thousands of very loyal mac users have obviously the same problem, but nobody reacts on all the complaints in the forum!!! please also give us back the other essential features you removed,  such as the genius sidebar, then pls highlight the songs that i've already bought in the store, restore cover flow, restore a search function that actually finds anything, the progress bar in the mini player, etc. etc.

i don't have an ipad, still work on a normal macbook pro and mac pro with big screen. if you dont change this, i won't buy my stuff on itunes store, will buy in another download facility. thanks. (i'm using macs since 1989!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Mac Pro (Early 2008), Mac OS X (10.6.8), and powerbook pro under 10.6.8