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I can not say how dissapointed I am, can any one tell me WHY, maybe we can get Apple to tell us, why they have taken the opt. out to sync the notes from an iphone to Itunes

iPhone 4S
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    I have to agree.  What is also disappointing that now iTunes no longer syncs with Notes on iOS 6, you are also left with Notes frozen in time on your iOS devices.


    I have looked carefully at the Notes settings on a iPhone/iPad (I am currently running iOS Version 6.1.2) and there is a Notes Account called "From the Mac".   (I can see this account when I enable Notes from my iCloud account giving me two accounts.)   But the "From the Mac" account can not be deleted and therefore removing all the frozen in time Notes.  The only way I see to delete notes from "From the Mac" account, is to do so individually on each device.  This is annoying.


    Going further, I have to ask why it possible using the Notes application on OS X 10.8.2 I am able to sync with my notes in my Microsoft Exchange Account.


    However, during my testing, I turned off this feature for my Microsoft Exchange account. All my notes, as expected, disappeared.   When I turned it back on, OS X Notes (Version 1.1) now crashes everytime.