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Keynote won't send emails in ppt format IF I have attacked pictures from my iPad to the presentations.

1) I CAN send the presentation in PDF.

2) I CAN send a presentation if I have not added pictures to it from my iPad itself. For example, if I import a ppt into keynote I can make adjustments, copies etc and send it as long as I don't attach more than one picture.


When I say I can't send I mean:

Tap "Share and Print"

Tap "Email Presentation"

Select Powerpoint format.


At this point the email opens up with ppt attached. I input the recipient address and tap send. This is when the problem starts. The email will never send. If I open up the mail app I can see its stuck in the outbox. It just sits there for a very long time and eventually it gives up trying (red exclamation point). No matter what I do it will not send.


Could this be a size issue?



iPad 2, iOS 6.0.1
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    Definitely sounds like it could be size related. It sounds like everything is working correctly on Keynote's side & the problem is on the email side. A couple of things I can think of:

    1. Try to export it using dropbox or skydrive or something like that to make sure that the file can be exported.

    2. Try emailing it using a different account (get a free gmail or yahoo or live.com account if you don't have a secondary one to use) to see if that resolves the issue.

    3. Try sending it as a Keynote file. A PDF would be way smaller than a Powerpoint file, but I'd think that a Keynote file would be similar in size to a PPT, so you should see similar behavior.

    4. If you have another way to view your email account, try exporting the PPT via email, but then save the email, and don't send it. Then go to your email account via the web portal or on a mail app or outlook or whatever on a computer & see if the message shows up with the PPT attached. If it does, Id' defintiely suspect some kind of issue with the size of the PPT attachment.

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    I was indeed able to send it as a Keynote. I also saved as a ppt to Dropbox.  It displayed the size of the presentation in ppt format. 89.9MB haha. So yes... It is a size issue. Now I need to look into compressing it. Thanks for your help!

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    FYI- the keynote format was only 7.6Mb. Seems like the difference is too much. Surprised it would scale up so much. Looking into it now. Maybe I'll have to post another question.

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    UPDATE: As I said before I believe it's a size issue (89.9MB ppt). This is what I did:


    1) I lowered the size of the images to 500kb by emailing them to myself and using the "Large" option.

    2) Created a new ppt using the 7 images of reduced size.

    3) Saved the file into Dropbox. 12.2MB.

    4) Emailed the presentation in ppt format.


    Same result: it gets stuck in my outbox and will never send


    I did, however, use a simple workaround:

         *I shared (email) the ppt from the Dropbox app. Since this just sends out a link to access the Dropbox file I don't run into the "stuck in outbox" issue.  Cheers!