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I am sort of the default tech person for my school district eventhough I have no formal training in computers. We are replacing our 6 year old laptops soon and I wanted to know what the best way to set them up would be. With our current computers I am constantly struggling with them because every computer is so different and I cannot make changes without the staff member right there to enter their password for me.


What I would like to do is to either be the root user or an admin and then have the teachers be admins as well. I also would like to use ARD but half of the laptops will be in a building 20 miles down the road so I am not sure exactly how to set those up so I can troubleshoot issues from my building.  A lot of the issues are insanely simple to fix if I have access and it ***** to have to drive 20 miles to change a setting or restart a program.


Also is it possible to set one of the computers up and then put that image on all of them?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)