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I am sort of the default tech person for my school district eventhough I have no formal training in computers. We are replacing our 6 year old laptops soon and I wanted to know what the best way to set them up would be. With our current computers I am constantly struggling with them because every computer is so different and I cannot make changes without the staff member right there to enter their password for me.


What I would like to do is to either be the root user or an admin and then have the teachers be admins as well. I also would like to use ARD but half of the laptops will be in a building 20 miles down the road so I am not sure exactly how to set those up so I can troubleshoot issues from my building.  A lot of the issues are insanely simple to fix if I have access and it ***** to have to drive 20 miles to change a setting or restart a program.


Also is it possible to set one of the computers up and then put that image on all of them?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)
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    ARD can be used if you are in a remote location as long as you have the proper ports opened on the router of the machine you are trying to access.


    You can use iCloud to sync all the computers with images 'photo stream'.

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    Create yourself a LogMeIn Free account and add these system to that account for remote access.  The client loaded on them will run on startup and tunnel out of the networks to the LogMeIn servers to establish an SSL availability connection.  When you log into your account from any browser on another system you use for admin purposes, you'll see which machines are available to access.  When you connected to them remotely, the connection is completely secure.  Read up on it if you're not sure it's for you.  Go to www.logmein.com.  They even make a client for iOS devices if you're ever in a pinch and need to fix one of these system remotely from your iPhone or iPad.  Slick stuff... and it's trusted.

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    I have used LogMeIn before and I could have sworn that when the trial expires the free version is virtually worthless for troubleshooting. Can I actually see and control the other computers screen with the free version?

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    I will look into opening the ports and see if that does the trick. Thanks.

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    Have your school or school district provide you with training. If they want a tech person for cheap the least they can do is provide basic training.

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    I am teaching full time so I really dont have time to go to training. Next year they will hire someone to manage all of the technology because we are going 1:1. That person would have time to go to training.


    When I have the computers in my hand I am sure I will be able to figure out how to do the things I ask, but I wanted to know if anyone had any insight so that I could have a plan beforehand and do it quickly.

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    What I would do is match the ports with the assigned laptop.

    For example you assign numbers from 1-20 for the laptops.

    The default VNC port is 5900 and then you attach it to the IP number of the laptop (you should also assign static ip addresses to the laptops)

    So computer 1 port 5901, computer 2 5902 and so on.


    I do this for my job, remote into restaurant computers for IT assistance.

    We don't use macs tho, just windows.

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    Abolutely.  The Free version gives you everything you need with the exception of remote file and printing capabilities.  Other than that, it's complete control over the remote PC (the end user can even see what you're doing unless you choose to blank the screen while you're remoted in for any reason).

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    VNC can be a bit unsecure and on top of that, the appropriate ports must be manually opened up on the network firewall on the host network.  That's way too convoluted of a job for this user.  Not saying it doesn't work for you rvaro2, but for the OP's level of needs/application, LogMeIn or another similar service would suit them better.