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My bookmarks disappeared tonight. They used to be accessible on my iPhone and aren't there either. The only bookmarks available are the ones I marked from my iPhone. Help!!! Can I restore them somehow? Never backed them up

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Bookmarks where?



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    Sorry I missed that part....Safari

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    Have you tried rebooting the Mac?



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    Yes I have

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    Hi heagarty,


    I'm guessing you also don't have iCloud? If not....


    Here are the Safari troubleshooting tips for your situation:


    If bookmarks are missing from the bookmarks bar

    Bookmarks may appear to be missing from the Safari bookmarks bar if you can’t see the entire bar. You may also be prevented from adding a bookmark to the bar.


    Hide Part or all of the bookmarks bar may be hidden

    Try any of the following:


    Open the Safari View menu. If one of the options is Show Bookmarks Bar, choose it.

    The Safari window may not be wide enough to see the entire bar. Try making the window wider.

    If angle brackets (>>) appear at the right end of the bar, click them.

    Hide Parental controls may be turned on

    Parental controls can prevent you from adding bookmarks. Check with a person who has an administrator account on your computer.


    Hide Check Bookmarks preferences

    If you expect to see websites from your contact cards listed as bookmarks and they’re not there, you may need to change your bookmark preferences.


    Open Safari if it is not already open.

    Open Safari


    Choose Safari > Preferences, and then click Bookmarks.

    Next to “Bookmarks bar,” select Include Contacts (or Include Address Book in OS X Lion).

    If you still can’t find a bookmark, it may have been accidentally removed. You may need to add it to the bookmarks bar again.



    Maybe one of these will help? I hope so!





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    I do have iCloud...I think. Not really sure exactly how it works but I know somethings are located there. How can I check to see if they are in my iCloud?

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    Okay the only thing in my iCloud on my Mac on the safari header are the bookmarks from my iPhone

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    Thank-you for the information above. Those all seem to apply to missing a couple of bookmarks. All of mine are gone, not just hidden. I added a new one and I can see it in the bookmark bar. Somehow they all disappeared

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    Well sorry heagarty,


    Actually, the iCloud backup would work for your iPhone if you had somehow deleted them from there, but not so much with the Mac. Not sure where else to go on this....


    You might want to go to the main Community page and on the Search Communities put "lost Safari bookmarks" so you can see other threads that are out there on this issue.


    Otherwise, you just may have to put them all back in again....





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    I had same problem , for some reason in Safari my show bookmarks bar was off? Simply clicked it back on again, and all my favourites were back.