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I have OSX 10.8.2, the most recent update of iTunes and an iPhone 5 with ios 6.1.  I desperately need to restore my phone from a particular backup and cannot remember the password to unlock the encrypted backup file.  Does anyone know if I can get a password reminder somehow in iTunes or find my password elsewhere on the computer?  Does anyone know ANYTHING about the password requirements to help me remember mine?  (i.e. - number of characters required?  how they suggested i build my password?)  Looking for any sort of contextual help that might help me to remember or enable me to retrieve the password.  I cannot lose this particular backup.


iPhone 5, iOS 6.1
  • Kappy Level 10 Level 10

    No, we cannot help. Only you knows that password.

  • Blix21 Level 1 Level 1

    I accept if people don't know of a solution but I can do without dismissive, jokey responses.  That's just a waste of everyone's (and my) time.


    Guess what, about an hour after I read Kappy's response I located an easy and accessible solution for this problem on-line.  It works perfectly.  You don't need to download anything, and you can retrieve your password just by going to the right place on your Mac. My phone has been restored. Nothing is missing.  And I now have the password safely written down so I will never forget it again. 


    I really would appreciate if people in the support community would try to come up with constructive solutions (rather than make jokes about the problems others are having).  Solutions to problems frequently exist.


    This time, anyway, I found a solution to my problem.  :-)


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    Delighted you found a solution - I am having the same issues. Can you dirrect me to your solutions please?

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    Blix21 is mistaken.

    You cannot recover your password by finding it anywhere on your Mac because it is not stored anywhere on your Mac.

    Most likely, Blix21 remembered what the password is.


    Try the password for your computer login or your AppleID password.