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When updating iPod 5 to iOS 6.1, I get an error that my iPod is in 'Recovery Mode' and that I need to Restore it. Clicking on Restore downloads the iOS software again, and I start the whole process over again. Cannot get out of the recovery mode.


I have tried rebooting the iPod, and manually setting it to recovery - no change. Also tried restarting iTunes. No good. Running version, says its the latest version. USB cable plugged directly into PC.


Software download takes 11 minutes each time. There are no other options to click...


The iPod was working flawlessly before, and has only ever been synched to my PC. Not sure what I was hoping to get out of the latest OS - I am not buying movie tickets... Hopefully the rumors of poorer battery life in the iPhones are not true for the iPod.

iPod touch (5th generation)