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For some reason I can't get GPS track tagging to work with my photos. I've imported the gpx file into aperture succesfully. It shows the path correctly in Places view. I've hover my mouse over the track and each segment shows the time correctly. I've check the date of each photo I'm about to tag and the timestamp is all correct and matches the timestamp shown in the map. So finally if I drag all my photos into the track, it asks me "would you like to assign location based on the time the photos are taken", I choose yes. Then what happens is that all the photos are in the wrong locations. Why?


The weirdest thing is that, it seems to depend on the location I'm dragging it into. So dragging it into different section of the track seems to affect the tagging logic. How can this be? I thought the whole point is that it matches the timestamp?

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> Why would they design the software like that?  Thinks like renaming "metadata" to "info" evidently took priority.

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    Does anyone have any experience in tagging photos with gps data? Please help....

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    I rarely use Aperture's geotagging - I prefer to geotag the image files before they are imported to Aperture, to ensure the GPS is written to the exif, but two things to note:

    • Where do your GPS tracks come from? All devices I know (AMOD logger, Garmin) store the tracks with UTC time stamps.
    • How have you set the time zones, when you imported your image files? Did you set the correct camera time and actual time in the Time Zone brick of the "Import" settings panel? If you do not set the timezone, Aperture will assume the camera time is to be interpreted as the system time of your mac. So if you took the pictures in a different time zone as you and your mac are now, you may have an offset of several hours. You can correct the time zone with "Metadata > Batch Change > Adjust Time Zone".
    • If the Track time zone is wrong, you can fix it from the GPS dropdown menu:
    • Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 12.19.57.png

    To assign places with tracks, drag the images in "Places" view directly onto the track. You will see a location pin, and below the pin an offset between the capture time of the image and the time on the track. Drag the first images of your selection to the place where the time offset is zero. All other images should be assigned correctly. If you see a mismatch of time of one or more hours, you may need to adjust the time zones

    of your images or your tracks.





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    Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 12.09.14.png

    Sorry, the screenshot would not upload in the original post.

    Move the pin to the location, where the time difference is zero.

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    Aperture assumes that you don't know how to synchronize times on your camera and GPS logger. There's no way to say "All my times are correct, sync my photos to the track."


    What I'll do is highlight the first photo in the group and get its time, say 9:32:15. Then I'll scan the track for 9:32:15 and remember exactly where it's located. Next, hit CMD-A to highlight all the photos and drag the first imate over to that location. Finally, tell Aperture to auto assign.


    It's all far more complicated than it needs to be. I'm working on getting exiftool to insert the info from the GPX file into my images before Aperture ever sees them.

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    When dragging your collection of photos to the track... you must drop the reference picture on the correct portion of the track (by time).   Then, the various pictures will be placed on that track relative to their time offset from the reference picture.



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    Why would they design the software like that? It's the most retarted design. What it should do is just match the time stamp on the track with the photos and automatically geotag? Any sane human being would design the software this way versus theirs???

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    > Why would they design the software like that?


    Thinks like renaming "metadata" to "info" evidently took priority.