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iPhone 5 with Motorola Elite Flip hands free generates an echo on recievers end.  How to eliminate this echo?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.1
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    I am having the same problem. Elite flip with iPhone 5 (running iOS 6.1.1) and the caller on the other end of the line hears an echo of them-self. Again, they hear an echo of them-self when they are talking. If I push the mute button on my headset or iPhone 5, the caller on the other end no longer hears the echo of them-self. But then they can obviously no longer hear me...


    I know it is not simply a problem with the headset because I can pair the elite flip to my wife's non-apple phone, or my brothers 4S (running iOS 4.3), or my sister's 4S (running iOS 6.1), and the headset works perfectly with all of them.


    Seems to be a problem with the iPhone 5 connecting to flip. Also, I've noticed that when using my flip with the iPhone 5, the headset mute button will get stuck if I turn mute on. Then when I try to turn mute off, there is no response, if I push the button again, mute turns off and then right back on very quickly... Weird... Apple is starting to suck!!


    Any help on fixing this issue would be appreciated????

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    Same problem here too.  Worked fine with my iPhone 4 and has been a problem since day one with Iphone 5.    Now after having been through 4 headsets with Motorola, time to aknowledge the problem is with Apple.  And I agree with your statement....Apple ain't what it used to be.   I never had problems with any of my previous iPhones.  Never thought I'd consider an Android phone but it looks like the door is wide open now.  I don't have time for this.