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I only work in playlists, never albums or artists. I need to be able to build playlists on the go (meaning, while on the way to the gym, etc) when I do not have my desktop computer. I can change existing playlists, and I know how to add a playlist by swiping down the screen, but there is not an option as far as I can find to add an existing playlist onto the playlist that I want to make. I would like to play all of "playlist 11" followed by all of "playlist 14" followed by "playlist 9". The only way I know of is this:

  1. find a pen
  2. find a peice of paper
  3. open the playlist on the ipod
  4. write down the order, album and artist of each of the 30 or so songs in the playlist.
  5. make a new playlist
  6. read the paper you wrote on and find the first item
  7. read the paper you wrote on and find the second item ...


In the old ipods the on-the-go feature just let you press-hold a folder or anything and add it. I've tried that on the nano but it doesn't work anymore. Any suggestions on how to queue playlists without access to the PC?


Incidentally, I did try to build a smart playlist back on the pc, and chose live-updating rules "playlist" "is" "my-playlist-name" on each of the playlists in order to "add" them to the smart playlist, but it doesn't list any of the music in the playlists. so smart playlists do not work either.

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    well, I can't edit my own post anymore, but just to add:


    1. make a new playlist on the pc.

    2. open the existing playlists.

    3. drag these items to the new playlist

    4. accept that there might be duplicates and confirm that I do want copies.

    5. do this for all the playlists.

    6. plug in nano

    7. tick the new playlist (all my music is synched by playlist only, I do not use ticked songs etc. all the music is already on the nano inside the original playlists anyway).

    8. hit sync.

    9. unplug nano.

    10. press music button and open the playlists item


    well, my new playlist containing what should be all that music I just put in it WILL NOT APPEAR. I've sync'd 3 times now. It says it's done. It shows it's ticked.


    So there's no way to queue multiple playlists.


    Can someone help me out? I realise that Apple staff do not frequent these forums or reality very often, so perhaps a community member knows the trick?