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Hello everyone,

                      I am having a strange issue with this Macbook , its a

MacBook (13-inch Early 2008)

  Serial Number:   W88320V50P2


SO basicaly... .



I start it up.. and I just get a black screen.. nothing more... can anyone point me to the right trouble shooting parts to possibly fix this?



I really hope this doesn't mean the internal GPU failed on the Book board..


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    You may have gone through the steps in this Apple note already on booting with no video. Do you have an external display you could attach to see if that works?

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    wait what? this apple doesnt have external display options Theres no connection or even an HDMI cable.. this is display pad only.. ,,,, what was that about no boot on screen steps?



    I see a connectin for a screen... .but.. I Dont have that cable..... Thats a HDMI mini i think....



    There has to be some tests that can be done to see if I can reset this darn thing... Maybe that will help.. IDK.. when I power it on.. i see the screen flicker but barely visable.. hardly any light its a very dark.. flicker of faint light then goes black.. and its only for a split second once I press the power button...



    Im starting to wonder if the LCD Backlight regulator is blown....  :l 

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    The early 2008 MacBook has a mini-DVI port and supports DVI with a mini-DVI to DVI adapter and VGA with a mini-DVI to VGA adapter. 

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    Yes it would be great if I had that cord but I don't have one.. and this is being done for a friend. .. Id have to buy the cord.. which would be kinda dumb.. because then I would have to  waste money just to see if I am right about what I am thinking.. if the motherboard is FRIED or the Backlight regulater is blown..

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    An alternative might be to take it to an Apple store to see if they can hook up an external monitor.

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    ok im trying to reset the PMU .. the power managment..... I cannot figure out which POWER BOOK this is... I only have a serial number... '



    I dont even know if this is called a PowerBook.. its just called a Macbook...


    This is the info...





    How do I reset the PMU TO see if its just that causing the video issue? I want to do all diagnostic checks befor proceeding to more extream options... Can anyone please help?

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    MacBooks don't have a PMU as the older PowerPC's had. The Intel equivalent is the SMC.

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    Then something mechanical definately went wrong: can anyone who has tech info know if there is a Backlight Regulator chip in this thing? And if yes; is it directly soldered onto the board? or is it a seperate device to power the backlight? I know there some LCD/ flat screen Monitors that have a backlight device to seperately power on the screen.

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    Ok I figured it out: I have done the SMC resets and that likes too: its still not working: the screen blips on for a split second but its very weak and it never blips on at full power; it just kinda flickers very weakly, this thing has a CCFL Beam cylinder with an Inverter; seems that these things might be the issue: Im going to take it appart and inspect the cylinder beam, the very bulb could just be burnt out; so im going to check that.