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Whenever I go to import P2 media using the Log and Transfer mode in Final Cut Pro 7, I'm getting these mystery clips labled "Clip #1, Clip #2.. all they way up to Clip #344 and it indicates they reside on my external media drive.  Most of the clips have no related media, that is, nothing appears in the thumbnail or name block-- its just black.  Now, there are a few that do have thumbnails representing video clips but when try to view any related media, nothing shows.  It seems they could be from a non-P2 import from a long time ago, yet the media no longer exists. I can click on one of the clips and eject, which makes them all disappear, but I also get the message "This volume cannot be unmounted because it is being used for importing."  Which is strange as I never import from this volume.  Rather, I either import from an internal drive or from a network drive.


If I do a Find (command + F) in Finder and type in Clip #1, it cannot find anything on the external media drive or anywhere else.  I'm wondering if it has something to do with some legacy Prefs but I've dumped those and restarted and still get these mystery clips.  And this is EVERY time I go to Log and Transfer.  I can exit Log and Transfer and, in the same session, go back and there are those mystery clips! Again. 


Anybody have any ideas?  Thanks!

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 1 TB Drive, 6 GB Memory